Taking TIME to Tinker Innovate Make and Explore

Welcome to Einstein By Design, a place where children learn science, technology, engineering, art and math through hands-on design activities. Our programs spark creativity and allow children to stretch their imaginations in a fun and supportive environment. 

Einstein By Design has been great for the Evanston Arts Center. Parents and kids alike love their programs, and they’ve been great collaborators in helping us bring innovative programs to youth in our area. We’re looking forward to expanding our partnership with them.
— Keith Brown, Director of Education Evanston Arts Center

We combine technology with real world craft making. Kids become proficient in the latest software and technology tools, while also honing their skills in making and design. These two skill sets combine to help kids become life-long tinkerers and innovators.

Tinker Time

Tinker Time

Not every kid who signs up for our programs

has extensive knowledge in our material. We

work hard to make sure everyone can fit into

our programs-beginners and advanced level

learners. We use differentiated instructional

methods and provide lots of room for challenge

and growth. Learning should be fun, and that

what it is here at Einstein By Design. Kids are exposed to a

plethora of awesome hands on experiences through

which they can learn by doing.

Collaborating on Computer Game and App Development

Collaborating on Computer Game and App Development

Students are introduced to engaging and

intriguing subjects in an enjoyable and

nurturing environment. We are a socially-

conscious company that cares about

sustainability and making a difference in the

lives of the children, families and communities

we serve. Learning innovation literacy is not

only an important 21st century skill, but also, an

important part of becoming a global citizen. Learning to

innovate and positively impact the world is

an overarching goal of our programs.

Tinker  Innovate Make Explore

 Einstein By Design operates after school enrichment classes, seasonal camps, workshops, and professional development programs at schools, art and community centers, and maker spaces. Our programs emphasize Design Thinking and Innovation Literacy development. We use core elements of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math in our curriculum to create innovative, technology-based learning experiences. Our team comprised of educators, scientists, engineers, creative technologists, computer programmers and makers is passionate about teaching children technology and design thinking concepts through innovative hands-on activities.

That is the way to learn most...when you are doing something with such enjoyment that you don’t notice that the time passes.
— Albert Einstein

                                   Some of Our Partners

Variety sparks creativity

We offer customized technology camps at schools, maker spaces, art centers and other community centers. We work directly with Summer and Auxiliary Program staff to bring a uniquely innovative suite of programs to your community. Management of the registration process is handled independently through each partner institution. We will customize a program for your site based on a collaborative effort to determine what would work best in your community of learners.







We are constantly researching and vetting cutting-edge technologies, and work to design applied technology curriculum for youth around these areas. Whether its designing Internet of Things or Wearables Technology curriculum, we aim to be the leader in providing the most inventive programs that help kids develop Design Thinking skills, and ultimately, to help them design a future without limits.

My daughter’s first camp experience was with Einstein By Design. I couldn’t have asked for a better camp. She came home everyday excited to tell me about all the cool stuff she did and can’t wait to go back next year.
— Michelle, Mom of Siobhan
Einstein By Design has been a great after school club for our kids. They come in and get the kids engaged right from the start. The classes are fun and teach the kids about all kinds of technologies.
— Pierre Rice, Site Coordinator at Bright Futures

Einstein By Design handles the following tasks:

  • Setting up the program with all required materials
  • Designing and vetting appropriate and innovative curricula
  • Managing the logistics of the program throughout the term
  • Ensuring parent satisfaction
  • Ensuring student safety
  • Setting up the partnership agreement to reflect revenue sharing
  • Awarding scholarships


  Inspired Learning         ________________

 Creative Curriculum ________________

   Dynamic Teachers


_________________Dynamic Teachers

Quality matters.  We carefully

choose every aspect of our

program- from who we partner

with to curriculum and instructors

and even the materials we use in

our tinker kits- in order to maintain

the high level of instruction that

parents and schools expect

from us.


Creative Curriculum

   Top Notch Instructors

Your students benefit from having instructors who are at the top of their fields, who have met stringent background check requirements, and who have a demonstrated passion for working with youth. 

Tinkering with Creative Circuits

Tinkering with Creative Circuits

Making with Wearable Technology Lilypad Circuits

Making with Wearable Technology Lilypad Circuits

Creating Virtual Reality Games with Oculus Rift

Creating Virtual Reality Games with Oculus Rift

     Seamless Delivery

From start to finish we deliver a high quality, one of a kind technology camp program for your site. Partnering with Einstein By Design is a win for your extended community of learners. 



Designing and Programming an Auto Tech Build with Arduino

Designing and Programming an Auto Tech Build with Arduino

Innovating with the Makey Makey Microcontroller

Innovating with the Makey Makey Microcontroller

    Popular Classes

We'll collaborate to create a customized program that fits the unique needs of your community. You can choose which programs you want to offer and for what length of time.

Exploring with Arduino Uno Microcontrollers

Exploring with Arduino Uno Microcontrollers

Learning to Code and Design Computer Games and Apps

Learning to Code and Design Computer Games and Apps

Exploring Mechatronics with LEGO Mindstorms

Exploring Mechatronics with LEGO Mindstorms

Partnering with Einstein By Design is about peace of mind. It's about the peace of mind you get knowing that you're offering some of the best enrichment programs for youth, without having to take on the infrastructure and staff expenses. 

Interested about learning how to bring Einstein By Design PROGRAMs to your COMMUNITY? 

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