Summer 2016 Camps 

Half-Day and Full-Day Week Long Sessions

June 6th-August 19th  Ages 5-14

Take Time to Tinker Innovate Make and Explore as you learn how to integrate Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math through hands-on activities. Come play with and learn about the newest technologies, experience building and making with real tools and let off a little STEAM this summer. Each day will be filled with fun activities, design challenges and outdoor play. Participants enjoy one-on-one interaction with instructors in a small class setting. Course material will be covered using a hands-on approach that helps participants to learn fundamental concepts through practice. In each camp, participants not only learn how to use technology, but also how to create it. 


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Make Your Own Computer with the Raspberry Pi: Game and App Development

Are you curious about how computers work? If so, come join us in this awesome learning experience as you not only learn how to create software, such as games and apps, but also learn how to make your very own computer system using a Raspberry Pi. You will then learn to code on both the Raspberry Pi and laptop as you learn about computer science applications ranging from hardware to software development. Each child will take home their own computer at the end of each session along with any games or apps she or he develops. Additionally, emphasis is placed on problem solving as a team, and learning the logic of programming through highly interactive, physical games and play that are appropriate breaks from screen time.  


Automotive Technology: Car Design & Engineering

In this camp participants will build a remote control car which they will program with Arduino. This camp is for beginning and advanced students alike-it will cover physics concepts related to car design, including aspects of aerodynamics, brakes, tires, and steering. Students will get a look into the design and optimization of various vehicle subsystems through an understanding of related physics concepts and learn how to apply machine learning to their creation to enable autonomous (self driving) mode, also.

Internet of Things: Mechanical Engineering with Raspberry Pi MaKey MaKey and Arduino


Combining two of the most popular microcontrollers used in the DIY electronics community, MaKey Makey and Arduino  with the microcomputer, Raspberry Pi, you will explore conductivity, inputs and outputs, and the designing of human dynamics, all the while learning how to engineer smart devices and create apps around the Internet of Things. Have you always wanted a robot to do your chores? Are you fascinated by smart technology? This course focuses onmechanical construction, characteristics of sensors, motors and gears, and control strategies for autonomous robots. Using micro-controllers participants build and program robots that walk, talk, roll and think. Students learn basic principles of engineering, computer programming, hone their logic skills and test their creativity. 

Build Your Own Drone: Mini-Quad Copter

Learn to design, build and fly your very own drone! In this exciting, hands on class, you will learn about the design, fabrication, and safe operation of drones by building their very own mini-quadcopter, which is a fully functional drone. You will learn how to solder and identify key electronic and mechanical components, as well as how to troubleshoot and repair your build, as necessary. At the end of the program, you will have a fully functional MiniQuadcopter to FLY home!  Connecting with your peers and learning to work as part of a team is an important part of this class.


Wearables: Textiles & Technology

This exciting venture into the land of Wearables focuses on the use of electronics on textile surfaces, while combining the latest fashion industry-specific information and technology with traditional textile craft making to encourage a well-rounded cam experience. Participants will experience full days of project-based learning in textile construction techniques, draping, illustration, knitting, dyeing, computer-aided design, and textile engineering. As a participant in this class, you will explore how to embed micro-controllers, such as Arduino into various textiles using conductive thread, tape, paint and other materials to create a final project of your own choice.

Tiny Tots STEAM Explorer


It’s never too early to start learning about science. This creative introduction to STEM takes preschoolers through a variety of STEAM activities aimed at learning beginning concepts of science, technology, engineering, art and math with a tie in to literature and math. Children become immersed in the topics as they are exposed to the vocabulary, lab equipment, scientific process and engineering design process in a fun and engaging environment. Each class starts with reading the book to introduce them to the topic of the day. We then put what we read about into action by doing about 3-4 hands-on activities, games, songs and experiments that give us a first-hand view of the topic we are exploring for the day. Scheduled Interactive Sessions Include: Robots and other Automata, toy Making, Sewn Circuits with Stuffed Animals and Sensational Science.