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Camp Einstein By Design STEAM Explorers I June 18th-22nd

At Einstein By Design we practice the Innovator Mindset, tools which strengthen our communication, collaboration, creative and critical thinking skills. Our highly trained Lead Explorers will help children select projects from the following modules: Robots and Toy Making. Children then complete these applied-technology adventures with a focus on digital arts, making, tinkering, designing, engineering and robotics, electronic circuitry and computer programming. Youth will have access to some of the latest technology tools, as well as traditional crafts and tools depending on the week and focus of the projects. Our days will be filled with Making and Tinkering, learning new tools, making new friends, inventing and gaining confidence as an innovative thinker.   

Culinary Lab Immersive: Molecular Gastronomy June 25th-29th

Do you want to try out new and inventive ways to prepare food? Each day is a delectable field trip that delves into gastronomy: the study of food and culture. We will play with unconventional flavors and textures using molecular lab tools to produce tasty and exciting dishes. Campers will learn professional techniques while learning about the science of nutrition as they prepare culinary delights of their own.

Advanced Wearable Tech: Sport & Health Innovation Track July 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th

Everyone has heard of Fit-Bits and smart watches, but how many folks can create these types of technology. In this exciting camp participants will be introduced to the latest innovations in Wearables Technology. Youth will design and build wearable sports-related technology that track health measures, such as heart rate and to address personal interests.They then collaborate as a group to design a project that addresses a social innovation challenge. Projects include: Smart Watch Build and Health Bioinformatics Tracking T-Shirt. This class serves as a platform for building technology skills in both software and hardware design in a fun and engaging environment. An end of session showcase will allow participants to present their final projects to friends and family.

Computer Build with the Raspberry Pi: Game and App Development July 9th-13th

Are you curious about how computers work? If so, come join us in this awesome learning experience as you not only learn how to create software, such as games and apps, but also learn how to make your very own computer system using a Raspberry Pi. You will then learn to code as you learn about computer science applications ranging from hardware to software development. Course material will be covered using a hands-on approach that helps participants to learn fundamental concepts through practice. Participants enjoy one-on-one interaction with instructors in a small class setting. Each child will take home their own computer at the end of each session along with any games or apps she or he develops. In this class, you'll not only learn how to use technology, but also how to create it. Additionally, emphasis is placed on problem solving as a team, and learning the logic of programming through highly interactive, physical games and play that are appropriate breaks from screen time.

Automotive Mechatronics July 16th-20th

Kids have heard of driver-less cars, but do they know how the automobiles are programmed? This camp for beginning and advanced students alike will cover physics concepts related to car design, including aspects of aerodynamics, brakes, tires, and steering.  Students will explore how to design a fully functioning remote controlled car from scratch. Expert instructors will guide the students through the process of using Bluetooth technology to create their remote control cars. Each student will personalize their design and take it  home at the end of the session. Students will get a look into the design and function of various components of their cars, and learn about related STEM concepts. Additionally, they will have lots of fun designing and testing complex race courses. An end of session showcase will be held for students to demonstrate their builds.                   

Flight and Aerial Photography July 23rd-27th

In the first half of this camp, you will build rockets out of paper and launch them outdoors with our compressed air rocket launching pad. You will test different wings, nose cones, and rocket bodies to examine the engineering factors that determine how high a rocket will launch. In the second half of this workshop, you will build a camera and rig to take aerial photography of nearby surroundings, and then create a digital storybook relating your experiences to share with your family and community.

Camp Einstein By Design STEAM Explorers II July 30th-Aug. 3rd

This creative introduction to STEM takes campers through a variety of activities aimed at learning beginning concepts of science, technology, engineering, art and math with a tie in to literature and math. They are exposed to the vocabulary, lab equipment, scientific process and engineering design process in a fun and engaging environment. Each class starts with reading a short book to introduce them to the topic of the day, and to reinforce literacy development throughout the summer. We then put what we read about into action by doing about 3-4 hands-on activities, games, songs and experiments that give us a first-hand view of the topic we are exploring for the day. Scheduled Interactive Sessions this week Include: Superhero Science and Slime Time.

Drone Technology: Mini-Quadcopter Build Aug. 6th-10th

Learn to design, build and fly your very own drone! In this exciting, hands on class, you will learn about the design, fabrication, and safe operation of drones by building their very own mini-quadcopter, which is a fully functional drone You will learn how to solder and identify key electronic and mechanical components, as well as how to troubleshoot and repair your build, as necessary. At the end of the program, you will have a fully functional Mini-Quadcopter to FLY home!

Camp Einstein By Design STEAM Tech Start-Up Challenge Aug. 13th-17th

The next Mark Zuckerberg could be among our campers. In this unique, hands-on program campers will be go through a bootcamp style learning experience to help inspire and equip them with the tools to launch a business. From hardware hacking to software programming, campers will be exposed to the latest technologies, along with branding and design concept building to successfully launch a startup. Guiding the next generation of makers and technologists, expert Learning Guides will help campers through every step of the startup launch process. Campers will learn both entrepreneurial and life skills. From creative brainstorming, blogging, budgeting and packaging to basic accounting, this is just the tailored experience to keep the summer productive.At the end of the program students will compete for various prizes, including a $250 scholarship and various tech kits. Area experts from the fields of technology and business will be on hand to provide constructive feedback. Ready, set, launch!